Public Consultation on: Consumer Protection Policy

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Sponsor: Ministry of Trade and Industry

Period of Consultations: Thu December 01, 2022 to Fri March 31, 2023

As an integral component of the Ghana Trade Policy, the goal of the Consumer Protection Policy is to set a framework for establishing a legal, institutional, and social infrastructure that enhances the welfare, health, safety and economic interest of consumers and also empowers them to assert their rights in the marketplace. It is worthy to note that prior to the preparation of this policy, the consumer protection regime in Ghana was woefully inadequate as considerable deficiencies in the legislative, regulatory and institutional frameworks had been observed. Coupled with these, was the lack of easy and cost-effective redress mechanisms tailored to protect the consumer.

In the wake of the twin processes of liberalization and globalization, the Ghanaian market has been opened to greater competition and influx of goods and services, exposing consumers to health and safety hazards as well as trade malpractices. Consequently, there is a danger that the advantages arising from the improved availability of goods and services may be accompanied by health and safety hazards and sub-standard goods for which they have no mechanism to competently deal with. It is within this context that the Government of Ghana has thrown its weight behind the development of a policy to help bring sanity and ensure the overall protection of consumers.

Key Provisions / Thematic Areas

Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Trade and Industry deems it necessary to develop a comprehensive Consumer Protection Policy to address the inefficiencies in the current regime.  The objectives of this Policy will be achieved through a broad range of policy instruments under the following thematic areas:

  1. Physical Safety of Goods and Distribution facilities;
  2. Promotion and Protection of Consumers’ Economic Interests Through Fair Trading Practices;
  3. Quality Standards for Safety and Health of Consumers and Consumer Goods and Services;
  4. Consumer Redress and Representation Measures;
  5. Advertising of Products and Services;
  6. Education and Information;
  7. Consumer Choice;
  8. Promotion of Sustainable Consumption and Environment;
  9. Product Information and Labeling; and
  10. Addressing Special Needs of Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Consumers; and
  11. Special Subject Areas: Food, Water, Pharmaceuticals, Standard Form Contracts, Consumer Credit Contracts, International Cooperation, Electronic Commerce, Imported and resold Technology and Commodities, International Cooperation, Electronic Commerce Imported and resold Technology and Commodities. 


We invite you to kindly bring forth your much needed comments/inputs and recommendations in view of ensuring an effective implementation and future review of the Consumer Protection Policy.

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