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Sponsor: Ministry of Trade and Industry

Period of Consultations: Wed November 01, 2023 to Sat March 02, 2024

The purpose of these Regulations is to provide for
(a)the registration and licensing of manufacturers of cement and components of cement;
(b) the enforcement of applicable standards and guidelines in the siting of cement manufacturing plants; and
(c) the establishment and enforcement of measures to govern the operations of cement manufacturing entities. 

The cement industry in Ghana commenced production in 1967 when Ghacem (Norcem AS / Heidelberg cement) started operation. For thirty-four (34) years, Ghacem was the sole producer of cement for both the construction and building industry. With the growth in the construction industry, Ghana’s cement market expanded to include Diamond Cement (Aflao), Dangote (Tema) & Savannah Diamond (Buipe) thirteen years after, with six (6) more cement manufacturers joining in the last six (6) years. All the cement plants listed are local cement producers except Dangote which operates terminal and plant bagging of bulk imports. Emerging and New operations in the industry have been identified as Dzata Cement, Tema and Dangote’s $100m investment for 1.5million tons per annum cement grinding plant in Takoradi. Upon assessment of the operations of the cement plants, the audit team established about 3.5 million tons per annum in excess of production capacity based upon design values. The audit revealed that productivity and production challenges including controllable/non controllable factors needed to be re-evaluated for under capacity utilization, aside market demand driven forces. With an estimated annual demand growth rate of 6% and a total production of 7.2 million tons recorded in year 20201, the audit team projects that the cement deficit on the local market could occur at the end of the year 2025. 

Key Provisions / Thematic Areas

These Regulations apply to the activities of public and private entities that operate in the cement industry. Without limiting subregulation (1), the activities referred to in subregulation (1) are:
(a) the manufacture of cement;
(b) the production of raw materials for cement; and
(c) the supply, sale and distribution of cement. 


We invite you to kindly bring forth your much needed comments, inputs and/or recommendations in view of helping shape this draft Bill.
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