Public Consultation on: Occupational Safety And Health Bill

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Sponsor: Ministry of Trade and Industry

Period of Consultations: Thu May 23, 2024 to Wed July 31, 2024

This Act applies to all workplaces

AN ACT to establish a National Occupational Safety and Health AuthorityAgency (NOSHA), for securing the safety, health, protection and wellbeing[1]  of persons at work: employers, workers  and others, including the general public against risks and hazards emanating from, or in connection with, the activities of persons at work and to provide for related matters

Key Provisions / Thematic Areas

The objects of this Act are

  1. To promote, at the highest standard, the physical, mental and social wellbeing of workers;     
  2. to protect persons present at a workplace against risks and hazards to health or safety arising out of the activities of workplaces and persons at work;
  3. to protect the general public from risks and hazards to safety and health arising out of, or in connection with, the activities of persons at work;
  4. to ensure the adaptation of work to the physiological and psychological  needs of persons at work thereby protecting the persons from accidents, injury and illness;
  5. to provide for consultation and cooperation between employers and employees, and to promote  the achievement of the objectives of this Act;
  6. to promote development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation  of specific workplace safety and health programmes at enterprise levels and through tripartite or bipartite arrangements;
  7. to provide a national system and programme that allows for the introduction of progressively higher standards of occupational safety and health that takes into account changes in technology and work practices.


We invite you to kindly bring forth your much needed comments, inputs and/or recommendations in view of helping shape this draft Bill.
Alternatively, if you have no objection, kindly confirm in writing.

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