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AN ACT to establish a National Occupational Safety and Health AuthorityAgency (NOSHA), for securing the safety, health, protection and wellbeing[1]  of persons at work: employers, workers  and others,... | Read more

Sponsor: Ministry of Trade and Industry Days Left: 7 Day(s)

The development of this legislative framework falls in line with government's initiative to enhance the doing of business and speed up its economic and industrial transformation agenda through a reform of the business regulatory sector. This project aligns with the strategic objective of the... | Read more

Sponsor: Ministry of Trade and Industry Status: CLOSED

These Regulations shall be known as the Regulations for Data Centre Services and shall come into force on the date of publication in the... | Read more

Sponsor: Ministry of Trade and Industry Days Left: 7 Day(s)

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Ghana is keeping pace with the rapid global transition to digital technologies, including in the realm of e-government where the country is regarded as a leader in Africa. Ghana received high scores on the 2022 United Nations E-Participation Index,...

BRR has undertaken a nationwide capacity building and training of staff of Regional Coordinating Councils, Regional Managers of the Ghana Enterprises Agency, Business Resource Centers on the use of the Ghana Business Regulatory Reform Portal...

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